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Shanghai Shimanfeng Seeds Co. Ltd. is an exclusive Partner of Bejo Zaden B.V. from the Netherlands and is specialized in the distribution of high quality vegetable seeds in China. Bejo is an international operating company specialized in breeding, production and sales of vegetable seeds for professional markets. Bejo is a recognized company focusing on the quality of products, innovation and motivated and dedicated personnel. This makes Bejo one of the leading companies in the vegetable seed industry.

上海实 满丰种业有限公司是荷兰bejo种子公 司的独家合作伙伴,在中国 专注销售高质量的蔬菜种子。荷兰bejo种子公 司是一家来自荷兰的跨国种子公司,致力用 于专业化种植的蔬菜品种选育、种子生产和种子销售。荷兰bejo公司是 一家有着高品质的产品、注重改革创新、执着进 取并富有献身精神的工作人员,这些特点使荷兰bejo成为种 子行业中的佼佼者。

For extension of our activities in Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Guizhou and Jiangxi Province we are looking for a:




The Technical Product Promoter will  be located in Kunming and will be responsible for a number of technical and promotional activities in corresponding area.


该产品 技术推广员的工作地点在昆明,主要负 责其区域的产品技术的推广工作

  • Establishment & evaluation of product development and commercial trials.

    制定安 排产品评估开发和商业品种试验

  • Organization of field days and other promotional activities.

    组织田 间现场会和其他商业推广活动

  • Collect market and assortment information.


  • All other activities associated with this position.

    其他与 该职位相关的活动

  • The technical product promoter will report to the regional sales manager.

    产品技 术推广员汇报给区域销售经理

Qualifications: 任职资格

  • Agricultural background preferable, university graduate with major in Horticulture or Agriculture.


  • At least 5 years experience in a similar position in the seeds or vegetable industry is required.

    要求5年以上 种子公司类似职位工作经验

  • Must be able to communicate in Chinese Mandarin and English writing.


  • Excellent communication skills, Independent, resourceful and highly motivated.

    很好的 语言沟通能力和沟通技巧,能独立工作,机智并 具有很高的工作积极性

  • The candidate should have a valid driving license.

    应聘者 应有驾驶证和技术技能

Depending on your skills and experience you will receive an attractive salary package.

根据您 的技能和工作经验您将得到富有吸引力的薪酬待遇。

Please email your Chinese & English solicitation letter and resume in Word format to : jobs@


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